​The surface forces apparatus is used to measure the physical forces between surfaces, such as van der Waals and electrostatic forces in vapors and liquids, adhesion and capillary forces, forces due to surface and liquid structure (e.g. solvation and hydration forces), polymer, steric and hydrophobic interactions, bio-specific interactions as well as friction and lubrication forces. 

This SFA is the first to be installed in the middle-east!

Our Kruss DSA100 is a high-quality system solution for almost all tasks in the analysis of wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. It is used mainly for the precise measurement of the contact angle of multiple surfaces.
​This technique uses light to capture three-dimensional images from within an optical scaterring media, with a high resoltion. It performs non-invasive and non-destructive real time optical tomography.
Our LCQ fleet ​​ion trap mass spectrometer is equipped with a electrospray ionizer, which can be used to transform ions in solution into ions in gas phase. This technique enables the use of mass spectrometry with sample that would not be suitable for mass analysis, e.g. heat sensitive compounds or with high molecular weight. Furthermore, ESIMS is advantageous in retaining in the gas-phase important information from the solution-phase.​
​​This KSV NIMA PM-IRRAS is a highly specific surface FT-IR equipment which can detect chemical compositions of interfacial films down to monolayer films. It allows the detection of IR signals on substrates and also on air-water interface. In can be used to infer on the molecular absorption/desorption behavior​ and kinetics, hydrogen bonding, hydration, phase transitions, molecular packing, different reactions and molecular orientation in films. 
This model come equipped with a Langmuir-Blodgett trough, which is used to characterize monomolecular films with a precise control of lateral packing and a surface potential sensor for complementary data on the packing and orientation of Langmuir films.
​This Oxygen Plasma Asher is a powerful tool for ashing, etching or simply cleaning the surface of a wide variety of materials. 
​This high speed camera is very useful to record fast phenomena, for example the behaviour of a droplet of water when dropped on a superhydrophobic surface.
​This airflow workstation is crucial to prepare clean samples for the surface force apparatus and it can also be used for the preparation of other samples that require an environment almost free of contaminants.​
​We have two ovens for drying samples and glass labware.