Interfacial Lab (iLab) is a curiosity-driven interdisciplinary research group composed of chemists, physicists, engineers and theorists. We investigate physical and chemical phenomena at interfaces of water with hydrophobic media, such as perfluorinated coatings, oils, and air, to advance basic science and address pressing technological challenges. Our research projects span from creating biomimetic coating-free surfaces for drag reduction (patent-pending), to measuring surfaces forces at angstrom-scale resolution, to probing chemical reactions in electrosprays and emulsions, to producing tons of superhydrophobic sand mulch (patent-pending) for conserving water and enhancing crop yield in desert agriculture. Thus, we use tools and techniques from physics, chemistry and engineering, such as Contact Angle Cells, High-Speed Imaging, the Surface Forces Apparatus, Atomic Force Microscopy, Zeta-Potential Cells, and supercomputers.


Our doors are always open for brilliant, curiosity-driven graduate students and interns who thrive in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural atmosphere. KAUST offers exceptional academic environment and infrastructure for scientific research through its outstanding faculty members, researchers, Core Laboratories and collaborations with excellent research institutions world wide.



13 March, 2023

TERRAXY won TAQADAM Showcase 2023!!

We are thrilled to announce that our startup TERRAXY has won the TAQADAM award!

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02 March, 2023

iLab won 1st place at ITAS Arab Youth Competition 2023!!

The Agriculture group, represented by Nayara Musskopf and Aishah Alsamdani, won the ITAS Arab Youth Competition 2023 hosted by The University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) in Doha, Qatar between March 1-3, 2023.

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01 July, 2022

71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Dr. Adair Gallo Jr. has attended the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, dedicated to Chemistry, that took place from 26 June - 1 July 2022, Lindau, Germany.

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