Direct imaging of polymer filaments pulled from rebounding drops (Soft Matter)
Year: 2022 DOI:10.1039/D2SM00599A
Authors: Z. Yang, P. Zhang, M. Shi, A. Julaih, H. Mishra, E. Di Fabrizio, S. T. Thoroddsen
Why did only one genus of insects, Halobates, take to the high seas? (PLOS Biology)
Year: 2022 ISSN:1544-9173 DOI:10.1371/journal.pbio.3001570
Authors: H. Mishra, L. Cheng
Nature-Inspired Superhydrophobic Sand Mulches Increase Agricultural Productivity and Water-Use Efficiency in Arid Regions (Agricultural Science & Technology)
Year: 2022 DOI:
Authors: Adair Galloo Jr., K. Odokonyero, Magdi A. A. Mousa, J. Reihmer, S. Al-Mashharawi, R. Marasco, E. Manalastas, Mitchell J. L. Morton, D. Daffonchio, Matthew F. McCabe, M. Tester, Himanshu Mishra
  • hydrophobocity
  • Environmental sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Bio-inspiration
  • coatings
  • food–water security,
Effects of superhydrophobic sand mulching on evapotranspiration and phenotypic responses in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plants under normal and reduced irrigation (Plant-Environment Interactions)
Year: 2022 ISSN:2575-6265 DOI:
Authors: A. Gallo Jr., H. Mishra, K. Odokonyero, V. Dos Santos
  • chlorophyll content index
  • evapotranspiration
  • food–water security,
  • mulching
  • Solanum lycopersicum
  • stomatal conductance
  • superhydrophobic sand
  • transpiration efficiency
On the Formation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Water Microdroplets (Chemical Science)
Year: 2022 DOI:
Authors: N. Musskopf, A. Gallo Jr., H. Mishra, P. Zhang
Zwitterions Layer at but Do Not Screen Electrified Interfaces (The Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
Year: 2022 ISSN:1520-5207 DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcb.1c10388
Authors: M. Ghifari, B. R. Sreshta, N. Maharjan, H. Mishra
Nature-inspired wax-coated jute bags for reducing post-harvest storage losses (Scientific Reports)
Year: 2021 DOI:
Authors: K. Odokonyero, A. Gallo Jr., H. Mishra
  • Bioinspired materials
  • Chemical modification
  • Ecophysiology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Nanoscale materials
  • Tropical ecology
How particle–particle and liquid–particle interactions govern the fate of evaporating liquid marbles (Soft Matter)
Year: 2021 ISSN:1744-6848 DOI:
Authors: A. Gallo Jr., F. Tavares, R. Das, H. Mishra
Suppression of Leidenfrost effect on superhydrophobic surfaces (Physics of Fluids)
Year: 2021 DOI:10.1063/5.0064040
Authors: M. Shi, R. Das, S. Arunachalam, H. Mishra
Counterintuitive Wetting Transitions in Doubly Reentrant Cavities as a Function of Surface Make-up, Hydrostatic Pressure, and Cavity Aspect Ratio (Advanced Materials Interfaces)
Year: 2020 DOI:10.1002/admi.202001268
Authors: Sankara Arunachalam, Zain Ahmad, Ratul Das, Himanshu Mishra
  • Doubly reentrant cavities
  • simple cavities
  • wetting transitions
  • Underwater
  • hydrostatic pressure
  • capillary condensation
  • diffusion
  • breakthrough pressure
Biomimetic Coating-free Superomniphobicity (Scientific Reports)
Year: 2020
Authors: Das, R., Ahmad, Z., Nauruzbayeva, J., & Mishra, H.*.
  • Biomimetics
  • Mushroom-shaped pillars
  • doubly reentrant pillars
  • Gas-entrapping microtextured surfaces
  • Superomniphobicity
  • Superhydrophobicity
  • Superoleophobicity
  • Two-photon polymerization
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Contact angle hysteresis
A Molecular to Macro-scale Assessment of Direct Contact Membrane Distillation for Separating Organics from Water (Journal of Membrane Science)
Year: 2020
Authors: S. Pillai, A. Santana, R. Das, B. R. Sreshta, E. Manalastas, H. Mishra
  • Direct contact membrane distillation
  • organic fouling
  • hydrophobic membranes
  • hydrophobic interactions
  • organics
Rendering SiO2/Si surfaces omniphobic by carving gas-entrapping microtextures comprising reentrant and doubly reentrant cavities or pillars (Journal of Visualised Experiments)
Year: 2020
Authors: Arunachalam, S., Domingues, E. M., Das, R., Nauruzbayeva, J., Buttner, U., Syed, A., and Mishra, H.*.
  • Wetting
  • omniphobicity
  • Reentrant and doubly reentrant cavities/pillars
  • Gas-entrapping microtextures (GEMs)
  • Photolithography
  • Isotropic etching
  • Anisotropic etching
  • Thermal oxide growth
  • Reactive-ion etching
  • Contact angles
  • Immersion
Proof-of-Concept for Gas-Entrapping Membranes Derived from Water-Loving SiO2/Si/SiO2 Wafers for Green Desalination (Journal of Visualised Experiments)
Year: 2020
Authors: Das, R., Arunachalam, S., Ahmad, Z., Buttner, U., Syed, A. and Mishra, H.*
  • Perfluorocarbon-free membranes
  • Photolithography
  • Reactive-ion etching
  • Contact angles
  • Textured surfaces
  • Wetting
Reply to the ‘Comment on “The chemical reactions in electrosprays of water do not always correspond to those at the pristine air–water interface”’ (Chemical Science)
Year: 2019
Authors: Gallo Adair, Andreia SF Farinha, Miguel Dinis, Abdul-Hamid Emwas, Adriano Santana, Robert J. Nielsen, William A. Goddard, And Himanshu Mishra
  • air-water interface
  • aqueous electrosprays
  • isoprene