HM will give a talk at the upcoming Gordon Research Conference on Liquids

04 August, 2019

Himanshu’s poster was selected (amongst 8/150) for presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on Chemistry and Physics of Liquids at Holderness, NH, August 4-9, 2019.

Title: Are Electrosprays Suitable for Investigating Chemistries at the Air-Water Interface?

Abstract: Recent reports on dramatically accelerated organic reactions at water-hydrophobe interfaces, viz.  oil-water emulsions, the air-water interface, and electrosprays of water, have sparked much interest. While the causative role of “interfaces” has been invoked in all of these scenarios, detailed mechanistic insights remain elusive. Towards understanding the real meaning of various reaction scenarios that have been labelled as “on-water”, I will describe our investigations of protonation and oligomerization of isoprene (C5H8) at the air-water interface, in electrosprays, and in oil-water emulsions. Another crucial outcome of this exercise would be the assessment of electrospray-based techniques for probing the air-water interface.​