Open Postdoctoral Fellow position in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

28 February, 2022

Project: Experimental investigation of nano-confined liquids: surface forces, optical and
dielectric properties.

We solicit applications for a postdoctoral position in Professor Himanshu Mishra’s
research Group at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi
Arabia (Interfacial Lab).

Description: Water is often found to be confined in micro, nano, and sub-nano scale spaces in numerous natural and applied contexts, such as cells, soils, and emulsions. How
water’s dielectric behavior varies with the confinement, the chemical make-up of the
surfaces (e.g., hydrophobic, hydrophilic, super hydrophilic, and electrically charged)
remains unexplored? To answer these simple but profound questions, with ramifications
across physical sciences and engineering, we are developing and utilizing advanced
surface science platforms. In particular, we are adopting a Surface Force Apparatus
(SFA), a JPK Nanowizard AFM and utilizing theory and computational simulation to
interpret our experimental results. This research lies at the intersection of physics,
chemistry, and engineering.

Sample publications: here

Physicists, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, analytical chemists are
encouraged to apply.

1. Advanced background in electromagnetism, intermolecular and surface forces, and simulation software such as COMSOL will be a big plus.
2. Background in experimental surface science, for example, hands-on experience with SFA and/or AFM instrumentation; experience with LabView and python is a plus.
3. Curiosity-driven, dedicated, and a critical thinker

Terrific opportunities to collaborate with experimentalists and theorists in our Group, at
KAUST, and our external collaborators.

KAUST Benefits for Postdoc Fellows:
  • Competitive Salary
  • Housing provided free of charge
  • Local medical insurance provided for postdoc fellows and eligible dependents
  • Relocation allowance
  • Schooling is provided to eligible dependents at KAUST Schools (normal admission procedures apply)
To apply:
Please upload your updated CV, cover letter, list of publications, and the contact
information for three references to interfolio: here